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about-us-page-300x200My name is William B. Montag. You can call me Bill.

I was born and raised in southern Minnesota. I have lived in Colorado since 1987.

I established W. B. Montag Home Improvement & Repair Co. in 1999.

I service Eagle, Summit, and Lake Counties. I have also been known to work in other places such as Denver, Buena Vista, and Aspen to name a few.

I have completed projects that range from plumbing repairs that required less than an hour, to entire home remodels lasting three to four months. I have worked in a wide variety of situations from the smallest cottage, to the enormous mansion.
I have also worked in many commercial environments. I enjoy having a wide variety of tasks in my jobs.

I take pride in a job well done.

I have clients that live all around the globe and have homes here in Colorado. I have extensive experience dealing with home improvement projects over the Internet with out of state and international clients.
My dog Mandy normally comes along to every job. Mandy is my only employee. Mandy stays in my van and provides security for my tools etc. Mandy is a Chinese Shar-Pei and former shelter dog.

Mandy died in September 2013 of cancer. She was the best friend I ever had. May she rest in peace.

we believe in…

Quality Workmanship

W.B. Montag Home Improvement & Repair Co. continually exceeds our customers’ satisfaction by delivering reliable top quality workmanship.

Great Customer Service

W.B. Montag Home Improvement & Repair Co. goal is to give our clients real service by delivering the highest quality job at a fair price.


We take pride in all our projects and it shows with the referrals we receive. Call us today for details at 970-748-7394!

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